LetiAT4 facial cream

LetiAT4 facial 100 ml


  • CN 399519.1Tube 50 ml
  • CN 332188.4Tube 100 ml

LetiAT4® Facial is a selectively acting emollient cream for atopic skin designed to provide total care against cold and other external agents (radical free, pollution) and reinforces the defences of the skin.


  • Babies with atopic, dry and sensitive skins.
  • Children and adults with atopic, dry and sensitive skin.
  • Adults with hyper reactive and senile skin.
  • Corticoid free.
  • Dermatologically tested.

Instructions for use

  • Apply evenly over face and neck (areas unprotected and exposed to the environment) avoiding the area around the eyes.
  • Use daily, after the morning hygiene and/or before leaving abroad.