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LetiAT4 Skin Lipid repair Bath Gel for atopic skin



  • CN 359703.6Bottle 200 ml
  • CN 157396.4Bottle 750 ml

Specially formulated for the daily hygiene of atopic skin. Alleviates itching and protects and fortifies the skin microflora.


  • Daily hygiene and care of atopic skin.
  • Ideal for the hygiene of infants and babies.

Instructions for use

  • In atopic skins is generally preferable to take baths than showers.
  • The water must be warm (less than 33°C) and the bath should not last more than 10 minutes.
  • It is advisable to not use mittens or bath sponges to prevent friction on the skin.
  • Drying should be smooth, without rubbing with the towel.